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Idiomatic tourism

Discover Spain, Destroy Myths

Probably the lives of the citizens of Madrid and London are more similar than those of Madrid and Tordesillas. For this reason, many Spanish courses offered in Spain are simply language courses. Because having their base in large cities, such as Madrid or Seville, do not allow students to “live Spain”.

Fortunately, there are other courses that allow students to immerse themselves in Spanish culture, traditions and way of life. At the same time they learn the language.

The company “LITA” has been helping hundreds of American students discover Spain for more than 10 years. They know the real country, which hides behind the beaten bulls, flamenco, olé, sangria …

For a month the groups of young people enjoy a real experience, living with Spanish families living in medium-sized towns in Spain. The idea is simple, a total immersion in the day to day of the chosen population.


Integrated in family and rural life

The first week of the stay, a microbus is rented and you travel through Galicia or Castilla y León, knowing the most typical localities in the area, also focusing on authentic experiences in those places.

The next 3 weeks of the trip are lodged in the homes of families with children of similar ages (between 16 and 18 years old). They speak only in Spanish, participate in village activities or even become “apprentices”, for a few hours, of village craftsmen.

Thanks to this method, students really know how Spaniards and their traditions are. They also enjoy the natural environment, thanks to the trips they make in the area.

Tour around Barcelona

The last week you can enjoy a few days of hiking in the Pyrenees, visit Barcelona to visit the most famous monuments for a few days: La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, Montserrat …