Alquiler de autobuses y minibuses Grandoure

Covid protective measures

In Grandoure we have always dedicated a great part of our effort to take care of our customers’ safety. Now, in addition to all the protocols already followed in terms of driver rest times, driver training, preventive maintenance of vehicles, etc., we are adding new actions to protect our customers against Covid-19, so they can continue traveling with us safely. We have added new actions to protect our customers against Covid-19, so that they can continue to travel with us in complete safety.

The main measures implemented by our company to guarantee the health of our passengers are the following:

Main measures in Grandoure against COVID

  1. All our drivers wear single-use nitrile gloves and face masks during their workday.
  2. In all our vehicles, passengers will have a hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser for their use at the entrance and exit of the minibus.
  3. Interior air renewal: The air conditioning systems of our vehicles renew the interior air every 3/6 minutes, which ensures that there is a constant flow of clean air in the coach or microbus. Once the trip is over, the interior of the vehicle is disinfected with ozone to ensure that no harmful molecules remain inside the bus.
Anti COVID-19