Driving Regulations

Summary of regulations on driving times (Reg. CE 561/2006)

To plan your trip you have to consider a series of:

Maximum daily driving: 9 hours.
Minimum rest for the driver between one day and another: 11 hours UNINTERRUPTED.
 Daily availability for a maximum of 12 hours.
Weekly mandatory break: The same driver may not drive for more than 6 consecutive days.
 Mandatory stops: Every 4 hours and 30 minutes of driving, a mandatory rest of 45 minutes is established, which can be divided into two breaks for the convenience of passengers (15 minutes and another 30 minutes).

Use of seat belt


As of May 9, 2006, the use of a seat belt is compulsory on all buses that have them (driver and passengers).
As of October 20, 2007, it will be mandatory for all newly registered vehicles to carry the aforementioned safety belts.
For coaches already in circulation, on that date (20/10/2007), the installation of seat belts is not compulsory.


 The fulfillment of the obligation to use seat belts or other approved restraint systems will only be required for those vehicles that, in accordance with current regulations, must have them installed at the time of registration. In short, it is a matter of not obliging to perform in these vehicles installation operations on their bodies of permanent elements. Because these devices were not required at the time they were put into circulation.

Children under 3 years of age are not required to wear a seat belt or restraint system, whether or not they have a seat.

Persons over 3 years and under 1.35 m tall are only required to wear seat belts or restraint if the vehicle is equipped with them and they are suitable for their size and weight. If this is not the case, the said persons are not required to use these security measures. Even if the vehicle has them.

Persons over 3 years and height equal to, or superior to 1.35 mts. are required to use a seat belt if the vehicle has them.


Persons responsible for not wearing seat belts or restraint systems will be:

 Passengers of the vehicle and of legal age. In compliance with Art. 72.1 of the Road Safety Law. The passenger is the author of the fact; And anything against the driver will be formulated at the bulletin of denunciation.

 Passengers of the vehicle and minors. Likewise the responsibility belongs to the passenger himself. So in this case, the report bulletin will collect the data of the father, guardian or legal guardian (or carers). These being the ones in charge of any injury to the  minor.   

* The fine for the breach of this obligation is 300 €. Although, in the case of the driver, this will be aggravated by the suspension of the driving license for 1 to 3 months; And 3 POINTS on the driver’s license.


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